5 Reasons To Book Your Next Getaway At Carrajung Estate

Explore the food, wine, and sustainability of Carrajung Estate. Located in the picturesque Willung South region of Gippsland, booking a holiday here means having an award-winning vineyard at your doorstep.

At Carrajung Estate, we pride ourselves on achieving the balance between embracing a nature’s paradise nestled in a rustic and sustainable and luxe vineyard accommodation, all within the Victoria state. We still have a few surprises up-our-sleeve, especially after completing cabin and event space renovations.

Read on to learn how owners Rebeka, John, Ivy, and Adrian are committed to sustainable practices and work every day to preserve the environment for future generations.

Something For Everyone At Carrajung Estate Central Gippsland Accommodation

Get ready to indulge your senses and temporarily escape.

Hospitality and bringing together run deep in the roots of Carrajung Estate. The land and surrounding community have grown over time to humble roots into fortified event spaces. As we evolve and bring our guests a sustainable and luxurious southeastern Victorian rural location to rest and recharge, here are five more reasons to visit Carrajung Estate, Gippsland accommodation. 

1. Locally Sourced Food

Food at carrajung estate

Just over two hours from Melbourne, Carrajung Estate is in the beautiful Central Gippsland region just 30 min off the M1 freeway.  The estate is surrounded by picturesque hills, lush forests, and a short drive to the stunning Ninety Mile Beach.

The path to our heart stops at the stomach, and we were thrilled last year to welcome our new head chef Patrick Haney. As Chef Pat joins the team, he continues to elevate the restaurant’s seasonal dishes, pairing each with a prized vineyard. Chef Pat has more than twenty years of culinary experience and continues to find inspiration from his family. He fondly remembers growing up with his grandmother’s recipes and preserves. This memory guides Chef Pat in creating a wholesome and generous farm-to-table experience. 

2. Stunning Renovations 


We’ve leaped at the chance to update and renovate our cabins, restaurant, and event space. We strive to achieve a down-to-earth yet luxurious finishes, and can’t wait for you to see the finished results! Available for bookings, guests will sleep in completely renovated and smoke-free cabins. Stunning architecture with effortlessly chic decor, we pride ourselves to be a home away from home for anyone that crosses the threshold. 

3. Event Space – A Vineyard To Remember


Whether planning a wedding, a business retreat, or a special evening to celebrate, let Carrajung Estate exceed your expectations. Nestled in the forests of the Strzelecki Ranges, Carrajung Estate is an amazing wedding venues in Gippsland. The Carrajung Estate team can help with decorations, a personalised menu, all taking place on the perfect landscape for photographs. Let our team set the stage and deliver an incredible experience. We have been lucky to host several weddings and continue to treasure each booking as an extended family. For any upcoming special events please call and book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

4. Sustainability

Wineyards to remember

We plan on celebrating this beautiful planet for many years to come and knew we had to step up with sustainable practices and measures. Carrajung Estate is committed to understanding and improving our farming practices and sourcing organic, local and ethical vendors when possible. Our vineyard, orchards, and produce are almost free from non-organic practices or methods and we look forward to the achievement. 

As a first step, we have commenced making all cottages 100% gas-free. The estate will be transitioning to renewable solar energy as the main power of our operations, and we constantly encourage ourselves and guests to seek more ways to minimize waste. Carrajung Estate looks forward to focusing on sustainability and seasonality in everything it does. 

5. Award-Winning Wines


We stand by our food made with passion and our grapes grown out of sustainable love and joy. The first-ever release of our Carrajung Estate wine is the triumphant result of two years of meticulous vine management from our vineyard dream team: Carrajung Estate co-founder Adrian Critchlow, Toms Cap founder Graham Morris, and Marcus Satchell, an iconic award-winning Gippsland winemaker of Inverloch’s Dirty Three Wines fame. To taste our blends, please make a direct appointment with the cellar door.

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Contact The Carrajung Estate Team Today!

We’ll melt away the worries and deliver stress-free memories you’ll hold for a lifetime. Plan a unique romantic getaway in the Gippsland region or treat yourself to the best vineyard accommodation in Victoria. No matter what brings you to the Carrajung threshold, we know you’ll enjoy every minute. 

We welcome guests of all ages to explore the landscape that is a physical representation of our hearts. Dine in the restaurant and nourish your mind, body, and soul. We believe happiness stems from fresh air in your lungs, the sun on your face, and falling asleep with stars in your eyes. Let us provide the setting to make Gippsland, Victoria holiday dreams come true.

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