Organising an event for 50 guest in Gippsland – Carrajung Estate

Planning an event for a sizable group in Gippsland? Carrajung Estate offers a picturesque and versatile setting for various events, from elegant weddings to professional business functions.
Follow this starter guide to ensure your gathering for 50 guests is a resounding success.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Organise a Successful Event

Define the purpose and goals

Start by identifying if your event is a wedding, business function, or a casual gathering. Is there a video or slideshow to be shown? This step shapes the entire event planning process.

Create a event’s budget

Establishing a budget is crucial for making informed decisions. It guides your choices for the venue, catering, and other essential services.

Select an Event Venue

dining with a nice view

Choose Carrajung Estate for its stunning Gippsland views and flexible event spaces. Explore our estate’s celebration offerings included wedding venues, gathering, business,…

Choose a Date and Time

Picking the right date is key. Consider seasonality and guest availability when scheduling your event in Gippsland. Weekends can be busy so Thursday / Friday events are often better value. In summer, there are more weddings and other events so a shoulder or low season can be a great option for those working with a smaller budget!

Create a Guest List

Tailor your guest list to match the capacity of your chosen venue, ensuring an intimate yet dynamic atmosphere. We can cater for 100 guests seated and 120 standing!

Plan Catering

Opt for Carrajung Estate’s diverse catering options, perfect for events in Gippsland, from elegant dinners to relaxed buffets.

Arrange Entertainment

Select entertainment that complements the serene Gippsland setting and enhances your event’s theme. There are some local great bands and artists we can recommend.

Design Decorations

Use decorations that align with the natural beauty of Carrajung Estate and the essence of your event.

Things to Consider When Organising a 50-80 Guests Event

The Weather in Gippsland

Always have a plan B for Gippsland’s weather, particularly for outdoor events. Our dedicated event space and restaurant are both perfect for this!

Parking and Transportation

We have ample parking for guests and many guests do arrange for buses and taxis for added convenience. Just ask one of the friendly team members!


Why not stay overnight and leave the driving for the next day! That way there’s no need for a designated driver! Choose from Carrajung Estate accommodation and our suggestion Airbnbs & Riparides near Carrajung Esate

The Nest

Choose Carrajung Estate for Your Next Event!

When it comes to hosting an event in Gippsland, Carrajung Estate stands out as a premier venue. Whether you’re envisioning a small, intimate wedding or a significant corporate function, the estate provides a beautiful Gippsland backdrop and first-class service. Discover more about event hosting at Carrajung Estate here.

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