Explore The Top 7 Experiences Nearby Wellington Shire, Victoria

Wellington Shire, Victoria is one of Australia’s southeastern greatest treasures. It has a diverse landscape and makes for an ideal holiday destination. This region has something for everyone. Visitors can experience mountains, rainforests, beaches, and a burgeoning creative community. This region of Victoria includes the towns of Heyfield, Rosedale, Maffra, Sale, Stratford, Coongulla, Newry, Tinamba, and Yarram each with a relatively small population, the total distance of the region stretches 10,817 square kilometres.

When we hear Wellington Shire, we think of the endless potential. Learn about the magnificent attractions that could fill your time in-between winery visits and plan a visit to Wellington Shire today!

Discover The Top 7 Things To Do Around Wellington Shire, Victoria

1. Tarra-Bulga National Park

national park

Planning a visit to Wellington Shire and skipping Tarra-Bulga National Park would be a grave mistake! The park is a tourist hot spot for the beautifully constructed Corrigan’s Suspension bridge providing the perfect place for a 360 view of the surrounding cool temperate rainforests. Walking through the park, guests are serenaded by the elusive lyrebird. It is a fairytale-like feeling, leaving most breathless with wonder. We invite you to experience firsthand the shade of Mountain Ash trees, picturesque fern gullies, and ancient myrtle beeches. Feel free to pack a picnic, but leave the bathers at home as you are not allowed to swim at Tarra-Bulga National Park.  

2. Tarra Falls

Tarra Falls National Park

The Tarra Falls are located within Tarra-Bulga National Park. While the falls are only a brief stop in the journey of exploring the park, we still recommend it! 

The Tarra Falls are 30m in height and get all the cascading water from the Tarra River. Unlike other waterfalls, visiting after rainfall is the ideal time to see the full power of this smaller waterfall. As per park guidelines, you are not allowed to swim or bring dogs. For accessibility awareness, there are steps with a railing to assist everyone while walking alongside the waterfall. The Tarra-Bulga National Park has a picnic area for families to enjoy further into the grounds. 

3. George Bates Lookout 

George Bates Lookout Carrajung

Wellington Shire, Victoria, is also connected to the 94 Tourist Drive for guests that want to cruise through their holiday. The George Bates Lookout, named after the first Gippsland-born head State Electricity Commission of Victoria, is a great spot to stop with a picnic and BBQ facilities. The family will enjoy a great viewpoint of the Loy Yang A Power Station. If you are fascinated with electrical or the history of coal-generated power in Victoria, check out the nearby Hazelwood Terminal Station or the Jack Vines Lookout.

4. Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club

Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club Carrajung
Image by John O’Neill at Wikimedia Commons.

Fifteen minutes outside Wellington Shire is the Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club. Look through Victoria’s commitment to community and safety and see how the club has evolved from one vantage point to an award-winning, life-saving clubhouse.

As young as five-years-old, “nippers” can jump into the ocean and learn skills to save themselves and others. Especially with Australian waves and rips, we always believe in preparing to embrace everything that can happen when swimming in the ocean. The Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club offers certifications in Youth Surf Rescue, Champion Junior Lifesaver; plus an annual team that competes at the Victorian Lifesaving Competition. If you are not a resident or interested in pursuing club membership grab a table at Waves Bistro & Sandbar for a bite to eat before leaving. The bistro offers a great meal, and families can take a refreshing swim before leaving.

5. Traralgon South Flora and Fauna Reserve

The township of Traralgon South is quiet and traditional, making it a perfect launchpoint for guests to explore the reserve. Getting into the heart of Traralgon South Flora and Fauna Reserve feels like time stands still. Guests can explore the reserve by leisurely walks amidst nature or choose one of the two marked trails. The Boundary Tracks Loop or the East Boundary (10.1km), and Koala and Center Tracks Loop (5.6km). Both paths are moderate levels of activity with the East Boundary Loop reaching an elevation of 259m. Exploring this reserve is a wonderful way to be in nature for the afternoon before returning to Carrajung Estate for dinner and sunset.

Traralgon South flora fauna park Carrajung

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6. Jack Smith Lake 

For guests looking to enjoy the coast, we suggest a quick drive to Jack Smith Lake. While Carrajung Estate is a gorgeous winery with luxurious accommodations we are not near the water. Drive quickly down to Jack Smith Lake and spend a couple of hours with the waters’ reflective qualities before returning to the estate for the evening.

The Jack Smith Lake property is also an expansive game reserve. You’ll see many different species of birds and ducks but be sure to research if you are visiting during hunting season. The reserve is open to game hunting in the state-declared hunting seasons and remains a bush camping and conservation area year-round.

Jack Smith Lake Carrajung

7. Holey Plains State Park 

In central Wellington Shire, Victoria, and just over 45 minutes away from Carrajung Estate, is the entrance to Holey Plains State Park. The name originates from the number of crab holes spotted across the sand dating back to the 1800s. At first, this property was used by the Crooke family for squatting and cattle farming. You can see their original homestead still standing in the northern area of the park. 

An afternoon at Holey Plains State Park will include exploring short walking tracks, smelling beautiful wildflowers, enjoying a packed picnic lunch, and comfortable scenic drives. The park is home to many wild animals including the protected species of Powerful Owl. If you are searching for rare flora, you’ll be excited to see the Wellington Mint Bush. This plant has only been found in Holey Plains State Park and the nearby Dutson Downs.

Harriers Swamp Holey Plains State Park

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How to travel from Melbourne to Wellington Shire? 

The best way to travel into Wellington Shire is by car. It’s a quick and scenic drive completed in two hours until you’re walking across the threshold of luxurious yet simple Wellington Shire, Victoria accommodation. We do recommend driving your vehicle to make it easier to drive to different locations and have sightseeing experiences.

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