Carrajung’s Airbnbs & Riparides: Find perfect accommodations for your grand wedding guests

When choosing the idyllic Carrajung Estate as your wedding venue in Gippsland, you’re not just selecting a location; you’re setting the stage for memories that’ll last a lifetime. For your guests, ensuring they have an exquisite place to stay adds to this experience.

Whilst we have 4 luxe cottages ranging between 1 to 5 bedrooms available to hire from this summer, there may still be plenty of guests on your invite list who need accommodation nearby.

So, allow us to introduce some of the most enchanting accommodations via Riparide and Airbnb near Carrajung Estate – a blend of comfort, charm, and nature.

Perfect Airbnbs & Riparides near Carrajung Estate for your wedding’s guests

Murphy’s at Winswood – Peace and Serenity

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Just a short drive away from Carrajung Estate, Murphy’s at Winswood stands as an emblem of peace and serenity. Nestled amidst a rich natural tapestry, this property ensures your guests relax in style. From the moment they step in, they’ll be embraced by its cosy ambiance, making it a perfect abode after a day of festivities. A luxurious stay meets nature’s embrace, Murphy’s might just steal a tiny bit of your limelight. Experience it here.

Callignee II – Eco Bush Retreat

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Callignee II isn’t just another place to stay; it’s an experience in itself. No wonder it was featured on Grand Designs many moons ago! This 100% off-grid retreat offers an environment-conscious stay without compromising on luxury. Envisaged as an eco-bush retreat, it reflects sustainable living, allowing your guests to indulge in tranquility while celebrating your love story. Dive into this retreat’s unique charm here.

Handsome Hills Dairy Retreat

accommodation near carrajung esate

Tucked away in the heart of nature, the Handsome Hills Dairy Retreat is where vintage charm meets modern comforts. This Airbnb property offers an inviting space, with interiors that whisper tales of its dairy-farm past. Whether it’s the rustic charm or the panoramic views, your guests are in for a treat. Explore the legacy of Handsome Hills here.

Gippsland Rural Farm Property

accommodation near carrajung estate

For guests seeking a genuine taste of Gippsland’s pastoral charm, this rural farm property on Airbnb captures the essence beautifully. With sprawling landscapes, this abode offers a serene escape, ensuring your guests are well-rested for your big day. Discover this rural gem here.

Port Albert Waterview Retreat

accommodation near carrajung estate

Gazing out over the mesmerizing waters of Port Albert, this retreat encapsulates luxury with a view. This property provides your guests with an unparalleled waterside experience. Waking up to the gentle sound of waves and the allure of the ocean, it’s a stay that complements the grandeur of a wedding at Carrajung Estate. It’s where modern amenities meet nature’s beauty, ensuring your guests have a tranquil sojourn. Witness the allure of Port Albert here.

Celebrate your memories at Carrajung Estate

Beyond the stay, it’s the celebrations that matter. At Carrajung Estate, every moment is tailored to perfection. Whether it’s a grand wedding under the Gippsland sky, a close-knit gathering of loved ones, or an important business function, Carrajung ensures memories crafted here are ones to cherish. The estate, coupled with the aforementioned accommodations, promises an experience your guests will reminisce for years.

In the end, while the wedding bells chime and the wine glasses clink, it’s the smaller moments, the laughter shared, the dances, and the mornings after – that matter.

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