The 5 Best Hiking Trails in Central Gippsland, VIC

Book An Adventure At Carrajung Estate To Explore Hiking Trails In Central Gippsland, Victoria 

We believe in pressing pause on stress and playing into the beauty of nature. Our team loves to recommend and point out which hiking trails in Central Gippsland guests can explore during their stay. From mountain peaks to soft sunset beaches, you can walk and explore this beautiful strip of Victoria, constantly discovering something new each time. 

The world is waiting to expand before your eyes. Reserve with Carrajung Estate and discover the five best hiking trails at your doorstep. It’ll be hard to say what’s better: finishing the hike and returning to a vineyard or the mountain views! What are you waiting for? Connect with the earth and discover the five best hiking trails in Central Gippsland on your next weekend adventure. 

The 5 Best Hiking Trails in Central Gippsland, Victoria


1. Old Port Walking Trail 

Old Port Trail Carrajung

Start this Central Gippsland walk by driving thirty minutes from Carrajung Estate. You’ll begin the hike at Old Port Road and finish in an estimated 1 hour and 30 minutes later at Stockyard Point. The total distance covered in one direction is 5.7km with the full circuit distance totaling 11.3km. 

This Central Gippsland walking trail is appropriate for beginners and is rated a grade 2 hike. The terrain is mainly paved and hardened gravel interrupted by gentle hills presenting a great way to explore the coast without getting your feet wet. The trail wraps through Nooramunga Marine and the expansive rich hinterland of Coast Banksia. Get introduced to the Coastal Manna Gum woodlands and witness the vibrant ecosystems. This Central Gippsland walking trail is home to thirty-plus species of migratory waders and will have benches located throughout for rest. 

2. Fosters Gully Nature Walk 

Fosters Gully Nature Walk Carrajung e1682743195570

For guests that want to explore the Morwell National Park, Fosters Gully Nature Walk guides you across the space and highlights prominent landmarks including, Lydon’s Clearing, named after Mrs. Ellen Lyndon of Leongatha. Her work was vital to the park being officially recognized in 1967 in collaboration with the Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists Club. Surrounding the clearing, visitors will have all their senses dialed in with the high volume of orchids and wildlife. Stepping foot onto this path means you’ll see different species of eucalyptus, over forty variants of orchids, plus sightings of koalas, eagles, possums, wallabies, and wombats. 

This Gippsland hiking trail is part of a Latrobe City Council initiative to pay tribute to the Traditional Owners of the Gunaikurnai nation. We also continue to acknowledge the founders and protectors of this land and will adhere to protecting and educating those who want to learn more. 

3. McLoughlins and Ninety Mile Beach Walk

Footstpes on 90 mile beach 7Resize

Don’t be intimidated by the name of this Central Gippsland, Victoria walking trail. The total length is only 1km and can be completed at a rigorous pace of thirty minutes. The best part about this walk is the diversity of the landscape! You will explore sand dunes and the McLoughlins Beach Jetty boardwalk. Due to the wet nature of the surrounding area, you’ll spend time with ducks, and other water-based birds swooping and diving in, plus a range of marsupials and kangaroos. 

Since this is a relatively short excursion, feel free to schedule before a wine tasting at Carrajung Estate and shed any guilt towards spending the afternoon lounging in the Estate. The full day is a relaxing sensory experience from the sound of the ocean to the stillness of the acres Carrajung Estate is spread across. 

4. Fern Gully Nature Walk

national park

Tarra-Bulga National Park is a jointly managed reserve and only a twenty-minute drive from Carrajung Estate. The Park publicly acknowledges and recognises the Gunaikurnai people hold Aboriginal Titles and maintain a strong connection to the land. As the rightful custodians, they are looked to for answers on their country. 

Many guests look forward to the Fern Gully Nature Walk as they want to cross Corrigan’s Suspension Bridge. Nestled amongst soaring cool temperate Strzelecki Ranges, the bridge was originally constructed in 1938 and rebuilt by the armed forces in 1982. The views from the bridge live up to their reputation and every guest who has spent the afternoon exploring the lush landscape has returned excited to share the highlights of their day. The total time expected for the Fern Gully Nature Walk is only fifteen minutes but you can easily spend an afternoon exploring more of the National Park at your leisure. 

5. The Bryce Gorge Circuit Walk

The Bryce Gorge Circuit Walk Carrajung

As we wrap up our list of Central Gippsland hiking trails, we’d be remiss to not mention The Bryce Gorge Circuit. This 7.6 km trail will take approximately three hours to complete and is a grade 3 level journey. This is the furthest hike from Carrajung Estate on the list and will take two hours to reach our property. We recommend driving up the night before and waking rested before driving down to the Alpine National Park and beginning. 

The terrain will overall be smooth and soft, and we advise guests to expect light passages through the bush. To set yourself up for success bring waterproof and comfortable footwear. Highlights of the route include crossing through creeks and stopping at the Conglomerate Falls. We estimate beginner hikers can complete in 3 hours, meaning with travel it will be a 7-hour day.

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Reserve “The Nest” Cottage And Rest Peacefully With Carrajung Estate

the nest

After spending the day trekking through the wilderness, don’t leave your Central Gippsland accommodation until the last minute. At Carrajung Estate we have you covered with luxurious cabins that let you fall asleep with stars in the windows. Whether traveling mid-week for an escape or planning a romantic Central Gippsland getaway, at Carrajung Estates we have you covered.

We believe happiness stems from fresh air in your lungs, the sun on your face, and falling asleep with stars in your eyes. Let us provide the accommodation to make dreams come true and melt away worries. On-site, explore our vineyard or restaurant and nourish your mind, body, and soul in Central Gippsland, Victoria. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Central Gippsland Hiking Trails

Q: What are the best places for hiking trails in Gippsland?

We’ve outlined our top five hiking trails above, but Central Gippsland has several national parks for guests to plan around. Explore a variety of hiking trails at the Croajingolong National Park, Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve, Snowy River National Park, and several more! You are truly spoiled for choice in Central Gippsland, Victoria. 

Q: What is the difference between hiking and trekking?

While we’re no experts, we believe the difference is the level of difficulty. We think a hike ranges from anything leisurely to slightly challenging, while a trekk might involve overnight wilderness preparation and different equipment. Don’t do anything that feels unsafe and always take a minute to research the weather and terrain against your capabilities. 

Q: What is the longest hiking trail in Australia?

The longest hiking trail in Australia is The Heysen Trail. The full trail is 1,200, and the fastest record of completion is 14 days, 8 hours & 32 minutes. 

Q: What is the best time of year to hike in Victoria?

Summer or Spring is the best time to plan a hike in Victoria to avoid rain and bad weather.

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Q: What is the rainiest month in Victoria?

The month with the most rain in Victoria, Australia is October. We recommend planning hikes in March or November. June & July are the coldest months while January is the hottest month.

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