Elopement & Micro Wedding in Gippsland, Victoria

Elopement & Micro Wedding in Gippsland, Victoria

Gippsland, with its verdant landscapes and serene vineyards, offers a romantic backdrop for couples considering an elopement or micro wedding. Understanding the nuances of these intimate celebrations can help you decide which option aligns best with your vision of the perfect day.

What is an Elopement?


Historically, an elopement was considered a secretive and perhaps hurried marriage. Today, it embodies a much more intentional, intimate, and personal wedding experience, often with just the couple or a very small group of loved ones.

Elopements focus on the couple’s love and commitment without the complexities of a traditional wedding.

Differences among Elope, Micro Wedding, and Wedding

traditional wedding

Guest Count

  • Elopements typically involve just the couple and up to 15 guests.
  • Micro weddings usually have around 15-50 guests.
  • Traditional weddings generally have 50+ guests.


  • Elopements require minimal planning, emphasising the lack of fuss, and in some cases, spontaneity.
  • Micro weddings involve more planning but are simpler than traditional weddings.
  • Traditional weddings generally require extensive planning and coordination.

Time Frame

  • Elopements are often quick and concise. Ceremony and a meal with bubbly!
  • Micro weddings can span several hours but are generally shorter than traditional weddings.
  • Traditional weddings usually take place over 6+ hours or even days.


  • Elopements are the most cost-effective, requiring a budget that reflects a special occasion. $100 – $140pp
  • Micro weddings, while still relatively economical, should allow a higher budget than elopements. $130 – $180pp
  • Traditional weddings typically have the largest budget due to guest count and scale. $180pp+


  • Elopements offer flexibility in location, often in unique or meaningful settings.
  • Micro weddings are usually held in smaller venues or outdoor locations.
  • Traditional weddings are hosted in larger venues to accommodate more guests.

Pick Your Knot Venues in Gippsland: Carrajung Estate

Carrajung Estate in Gippsland is a dream venue for elopements or micro/traditional weddings of up to 100 guests seated or 120 guests standing (cocktail and canapes style).

With its picturesque vineyards and serene settings, the estate provides an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Couples can exchange vows amid the lush greenery, ensuring their special day is both memorable and unique.

wedding restaurant

For those dreaming of an intimate wedding experience in the heart of nature, Carrajung Estate could be the perfect choice for your wedding venue in Gippsland

Elopements and micro weddings in Gippsland, Victoria, offer a beautiful alternative to traditional weddings. These intimate celebrations provide an opportunity to focus on what truly matters – your love and commitment to each other, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Gippsland’s natural beauty. Whether it’s a quiet elopement or a small, cozy micro wedding, or epic multi-day celebration, Carrajung Estate, awaits to turn your dream day into reality.

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