Melbourne to Traralgon Road Trip Adventure

Embark on a road trip from Melbourne to Traralgon and discover the hidden gems of Victoria. This journey takes you through picturesque towns, lush national parks, and historic sites, making it an ideal adventure for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and everyone in between.

How far from Melbourne to Traralgon

The distance from Melbourne to Traralgon is approximately 160 kilometers, translating into a comfortable drive of about two hours. This journey can be a delightful experience in itself, filled with scenic views and charming stopovers.

Is There a Direct Train from Melbourne to Traralgon?

Yes, there is a direct train service from Melbourne to Traralgon. The journey is convenient and offers a different perspective of the Victorian landscape. Check the latest schedules and running status here for up-to-date information on Melbourne to Traralgon trains.

Best Stops on the Way from Melbourne to Traralgon


This vibrant town brims with cafes, boutique shops, and beautiful parks. Explore the Warragul Arts Centre or relax with a coffee at one of the local cafes.

Tarra-Bulga National Park

Renowned for its lush rainforest and giant mountain ash trees, this park offers stunning natural beauty. Don’t miss the Corrigan Suspension Bridge and the Lyrebird Ridge Track.

tarra pulga


Step back in time in the historic gold mining town of Walhalla, with its charming narrow streets and goldfields railway.


Narracan Falls

Located near Moe, these falls are a picturesque spot perfect for a short stop. They are especially scenic following rainfall.

Narracan Falls


Visit Old Gippsland town to experience a recreated historic township that showcases the region’s history through its preserved buildings.

Blue Rock Lake

Surrounded by lush greenery, this serene lake is ideal for a picnic, fishing, or birdwatching.

Blue Rock Lake


A local town 30 minutes south of Traralgon showcasing incredible murals across various buildings including the Water Tower art, all done by Heesco Khosnaran in recent years.

Carrajung Estate


Located between Melbourne and Traralgon, certainly consider stopping at Carrajung Estate. This destination offers a blend of scenic beauty and delightful wine-tasting experiences. Learn more about what Carrajung Estate has to offer here.

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