Reasons why you should celebrate your wedding in Gippsland

A wedding in Gippsland, Victoria, will deliver everything couples seek on their special day. After finding each other and saying YES to spending the rest of your lives together, a wedding location that brings the vows and physical embodiment of your love alive is the next challenge. Follow the stars as they lead you to the serene and luxe Central Gippsland landscape for a magical commitment ceremony in Gippsland, Victoria.

Carrajung Estate is a Gippsland wedding venue that checks each item off an ideal venue list. We are a blank slate of natural beauty that compliments any couple’s creative colour palette, photography choices, or iconic fashion moments. Learn why more people are choosing Gippsland to celebrate their wedding and how Carrajung Estate is the best place to stare into your partners’ eyes and say I do.

4 Reasons To Plan A Wedding In Central Gippsland

We invite you and your guests to a Gippsland wedding they’ll never forget. At Carrajung Estate in Central Gippsland, we believe in sunsets and champagne as the backdrop to our couple’s silver-screen romance. Here are four reasons we know our team will curate the perfect day to embody endless love.

1. A Wedding in Gippsland Is A Picture Perfect Canvas

wedding in gippsland

From stunning sunsets, rolling hillsides, and photogenic vineyards, you’ll be spoiled with photography choices. No matter the vision you hold for the finished wedding day album, Carrajung Estate in Gippsland, Victoria consistently inspires photographers. The region also allows you to capture your love amidst national parks, stunning 100-year-old architecture, or amongst Carrajung Estate stunning grapes to symbolise the sweet taste of love. Especially an exciting choice for eco-conscious couples to highlight the natural wonder of the diverse landscape found within Central Gippsland, Victoria, it is possible to have different locations that range from beaches, mountains, and forests.

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2. A Wedding in Gippsland Will Keep Your Love Wild At Heart

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Imagine saying your vows surrounded by nature in all its glory. A wild heart that used to roam but was lucky enough to find a kindred soul who is now a place of security and love. Invite your guests to leave the city noise and traffic and slow down to breathe amongst the trees, lakes, and mountains. Choose a wedding venue in Gippsland and make a promise to your partner that you will both continue to explore and let your love build deep roots together.

3. A Wedding in Gippsland Is A Space That Blends Love Into Luxury

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Several wedding venues in Central Gippsland are rustic and found nestled in stunning landscapes, which doesn’t mean couples will not receive five-star luxury experiences. Carrajung Estate has 100 acres of carefully nurtured property and includes 10 acres of Eucalyptus trees, plus our award-winning vineyards. From dining to decor, Carrajung Estate will not hold back on creating a magical and memorable wedding.

4. A Wedding in Gippsland Gives Guests The Space To Roam

A wedding ceremony isn’t just one day, it’s a few days of bringing those nearest and dearest to your hearts to one space. Having a wedding venue in Central Gippsland means that guests will be able to explore, hike, or even visit a vineyard or two, while the happy couple still has privacy and space to calm any last-minute nerves. You aren’t just booking Central Gippsland in Victoria for one day, it’s about confirming a destination to hold your friends and family in a bubble of love and commitment. Carve out an independent slice of paradise in Central Gippsland.

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Plan A Chic And Carefree Wedding At Carrajung Estate

The Carrajung Estate team prides itself on being a home away from home for all our guests. We are honoured by any couple’s consideration to host their special day with us. Connect with our team now and learn about the different packages, ranging from an indoor and outdoor venue to meeting the hospitality team that includes Chef Haney’s world-class passion for delicious, locally-sourced produce.

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Each detail of your wedding experience will be as unique as your love story. The Carrajung Estate team offers four different event packages that can be tailored to each couple. You will also work with a dedicated wedding coordinator who will be in touch 6-12 weeks before the big day.

The team at Carrajung Estate removes the stress and worry felt by couples leading up to the big event. A dedicated wedding coordinator will ensure nothing is forgotten, and help you find everything you need under one roof. See how Wedding in Carrajung Estate looks,  get in touch today and breathe easily working alongside the Carrajung family to make your wedding dreams come true.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing A Wedding Venue in Central Gippsland

Why is a wedding location important?

The venue sets the tone of the day and can be a physical embodiment to your guest about the values and intentions of a couple. Choosing to celebrate your love in nature speaks of love built on abundance. Cherish each moment with each other as you say your vows in the stunning Central Gippsland region.

How much do wedding venues cost in Gippsland?

The price of a wedding is traditionally calculated by the guest list. Prices are estimated to range between 120-20045-90/ per person depending on what you would want to include in the venue package.

What are the most popular styles for wedding venues in Gippsland?

One of the benefits of choosing a wedding venue in Central Gippsland is the numerous options. You can find a location in a rustic farm stay, on a mountain, or even a beachfront property. Central Gippsland offers couples a diverse range to plan their perfect day.

What are the most popular reception types for wedding venues in Gippsland?

It is up to the couple if they would like to hold the reception at the same place as their vows. There are many options for couples to consider if they would like to do a private vow ceremony and then a big reception, an intimate vow, and reception, or carry the party onwards from the morning to dusk. Carrajung Estate offers two different venues and several packages to help couples decide whether they want to stay intimate or go luxuriously large.

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