Beyond Goodbyes: The Essence of Wakes

Wakes are an important ceremony that offer a space for remembrance and reflection. Typically more informal than funerals, wakes provide an opportunity for friends and family to gather, share memories, and support one another in mourning.

What is a Wake (Ceremony)?

A wake is a social gathering associated with death, usually held before a funeral. Traditionally, it involves a viewing or vigil over the deceased, although modern wakes are often more about celebrating the life of the loved one through shared stories and memories.

What Happens at a Wake?

During a wake, attendees may expect to:

  • View the deceased if an open casket is part of the ceremony.
  • Share stories and memories of the deceased.
  • Partake in light refreshments or a meal provided by the host.
  • Participate in various customs or rituals, depending on cultural or religious practices.

The Difference Between a Wake and a Funeral

The main difference between a wake and a funeral is the formality and structure. 

Funerals are typically more formal and are structured ceremonies, often held in a church or funeral home, followed by a burial or cremation. Wakes, on the other hand, are usually more informal and can be held at a family home, community hall, or an events venue like the one at Carrajung Estate.

Carrajung beautiful landscape

How to Host a Wake

Decide Who to Invite:

 Consider whether you want an intimate gathering or a larger public one. Invitations can be extended to family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances of the deceased.

Where to Hold a Ceremony:

Choose a location that was significant to the deceased or provides a comforting atmosphere for guests. Carrajung Estate offers tranquil settings and accommodation options that can cater to both small and large gatherings of up to 120.

Planning for the Catering:

Food can be a comforting touch at a wake. Opt for simple, light refreshments or a full meal, depending on the time of day and the preferences of the family. Carrajung Estate is able to provide canapes and beverages to suit the occasion.

Create a Meaningful Tribute with Carrajung Estate

Carrajung Estate provides a serene and picturesque setting ideal for hosting wakes. The estate’s natural beauty and peaceful ambiance offer a perfect backdrop for guests to reflect and celebrate the life of their loved one. With flexible spaces and catering options, Carrajung can accommodate personal touches and specific requests to make the tribute meaningful.

Hosting a wake is an essential part of the mourning process, offering closure and a chance to honour the deceased in the presence of supportive friends and family. 

Carrajung Estate is committed to ensuring that each wake held at the venue is respectful, memorable, and deeply personal.

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